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The goal of Entering the Profession is to provide an opportunity for college-age musicians who are considering earning some or all of their income from performing, recording, teaching, composing music, to think about and strategize making the transition from being a student to entering the musical profession.

Creativity And entrepreneurship


“By Any Means Necessary”

Darrell Grant

ElsewhereI put up a post by Derek Sivers that I thought really spoke to the amount of initiative it takes to become a working musician . Later, I read the … Continue reading


Interesting and Inspiring links

Darrell Grant

An interesting blog posting about the role of the artist in our day and age. http://www.missionparadox.com/the_mission_paradox_blog/2009/09/savings-souls.html Another post from missionparadox.com blog http://www.missionparadox.com/the_mission_paradox_blog/2009/09/the-one-foot-level.html CD Baby founder & DIY guru Derek Sivers … Continue reading

copper key

Being Indispensible (Part 2)

Darrell Grant

The music student doesn’t necessary think of herself as holding jobs.  But in fact if you are performing a service for even one person, you are doing a job.  So … Continue reading

titanic painting

“A League of Your Own”

Darrell Grant

A League of Your Own Donald Bradman was an Australian cricket player. He was also the best athlete who ever lived. By any statistical measure, he was comparatively the best … Continue reading

money roll

“Maybe You Can’t Get Paid for Doing Your Art”

Darrell Grant

Maybe You Can’t Get Paid for Doing Your Art The thing is, it’s far easier than ever before to surface your ideas. Far easier to have
 someone notice your interpersonal … Continue reading

barn raising

Insights into making Connections & building community

Darrell Grant

In the segment of the last “Entering the Profession” workshop on Connections and Community, one of the students asked a perennial music biz question: “Is nepotism as important to success … Continue reading


Brave New World of Work

Darrell Grant

Back in the 90′s when I was entering my career as a jazz musician in New York,   I used to look at people walking in and out of offices all … Continue reading


How do you figure out Professional Standards

Darrell Grant

At the “Entering the Profession” workshop yesterday, one of the students  asked an interesting question. “How do you learn the things you are supposed to do or not do on … Continue reading

RCA Record

Visioning & Goal-Setting: Why now is the time to cash in on your passion

Darrell Grant

This is a re-post from the very cool “Art of Hustle” website I recently discovered. The person being quoted is Gary Here ‘s an excerpt. “Hustle is the most important … Continue reading

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